Services Offered & Rates

There are many different ways to achieve health and balance. The holistic health practices discussed during coaching sessions will focus on helping you meet your goals, feel at your best and keep it that way.

I offer a broad range of services and customize each session to meet the client’s specific goals and interests.

Learn more about some of the many modalities I work with below.


We can discuss different forms of meditation, so you can find the right meditation practices for you. We’ll also cover the many health benefits of meditating as well as the best way to get started.

Chakra Balancing

Learn about the seven chakras of the body, how they correspond to your emotional and physical health and ways to keep these energy centers clear.


Explore the many ways to journal to create positive new habits and ways of thinking.

Law of Attraction

Learn how to use these principals in your life, avoid the blockages that can arise and start working towards achieving the goals you have for yourself.

Self Care

Self Care isn’t being selfish; it’s a necessity. Discussing the importance of finding time for yourself , living a more balanced life, and learning to truly love yourself will be covered.

EFT Tapping

EFT is lightly tapping on different energy points on the body, (similar to acupuncture without the needles) to help release blockages and create more positive beliefs. Consider trying this helpful practice.

Yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates

Exploring these different styles of exercise as well as the health benefits of each, so you can decide which might be best for you.

Crystal Therapy

For years people have believed in the healing properties of crystals. Wearing them, holding them during mediation and displaying them in your home are just some of the ways they can be used. Picking the right crystals for you, charging them and learning how to work with them will be covered.


Using affirmations can very powerful in stating and connecting with your intentions. Let me help you choose the right affirmations for your current goals and discuss the many ways to utilize affirmations effectively.

Color Therapy

Color can have a profound effect on a person. By understanding color meanings and integrating color into your life in a more purposeful way, it can help you feel better and work well with your emotions.

Feng Shui

Learn to use this Chinese art of placement in a simplified way. By applying general cures throughout your home and applying the principles of the bagua map to individual rooms, you can easily improve the energy of your home or office environment.


60-minute sessions: $85

Upon request, custom packages are available to fulfill your needs.

Sessions are offered by phone, email, text, and other messaging options.

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